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Height: 5-foot-6
Weight: 130 pounds
Hometown: Natrona Heights, PA
Birthday: May 19
Hobbies: volleyball, swimming, horseback riding, and hanging out with friends
Managed: Damage Incorporated (Chewie & Hugh Mongous), Mr. Insanity Toby Cline, Club 21 ("Amazing" Kevin Grace & "Snapshot" CJ Sensation), Next Generation, Ethan DeSade, Midknight, "The New Face" Jason Gory, Brian O, Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers and Chris Hamrick), "Hot Property" Jason Cage, "The First Phillipino Super Model of Indy Wrestling" Shima Xion, and Kris Krude


The lovely young lady known as *Raelane* has quickly made her mark in professional wrestling as a valet and manager. Making her debut in Far North Wrestling, *Raelane* began as a ring announcer. Promoters immediately noticed this captivating talent, and it was not long afterward that *Raelane* got to pursue her dream of becoming a pro wrestling valet and manager. *Raelane* made her managerial debut in Asylum Championship Wrestling accompanying the duo of "Amazing" Kevin Grace and Kid Sensation,(now known as "Snapshot" CJ Sensation) collectively known as Club 21. From there she moved to Brutal Extreme Explosive Rasslin’ – B.E.E.R. It was at the inaugural B.E.E.R. show that *Raelane* accompanied Mr. Insanity to the ring. *Raelane* proved to be the only person to control Mr. Insanity and his mad behavior. As if that wasn't impressive enough, *Raelane* recently added the team of Damage Incorporated to her stable. *Raelane* has also had some brutal encounters with Krystol Frost in CWF (Championship Wrestling Federation) and Stacy Hunter in XWF (Extreme Wrestling Federation). Whether it is in B.E.E.R. or another promotion, *Raelane* has proven that she is a smart and resourceful manager who will stop at nothing to lead her men to the top.

Personal Notes:

Hey everyone, first off I would like to thank everyone who visits my website. I've still been really busy with work (I'm still at the same place in the city, just over 2 years now) and now that I'm a new mommy (my daughter Arwen Brooke is 2 months old) I haven't been able to get around to updating this site. I've also updated the gallary section with a few new pictures of myself, my daughter and my pets. The last two of just me at a show are thanks to The Gimmick Gazette and Dave Lowther so check that section out. I'm hoping to come back to the wonderful world of professional wrestling either this month (September) or next month (October), I've missed it so much. So keep your eyes open for me. Not much more to write so just keep checking back for updates. Thanks again everyone.

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